Stopping the culture of bribery and trying to catch them is a difficult task. In Pakistan we do have an Anti-Corruption Unit operating to stop bribery. PTI government in KP is strongly against bribery in Government departments but due to the difficult nature of the crime the criminals have not been successfully captured. There needs to be clear evidence for such crime, with a lack of modern technology and its non-submission in courts, which are acting on hundred year old laws, catching these bribers is difficult.

To help reduce and end corruption now the Anti-Corruption authority needs to use new and better techniques, including arresting corrupt officials, on smaller charges, to remove them from Government offices. They can also use tracking devices, marked currency bills and video recordings to capture incidents of bribery. As no Government employee is to accept any payment from any supplier or contractor, without giving a receipt, any video recording of a Government employee accepting cash payment (for any reason) can be used in bribery investigation.


Peshawar, February 5.