Being a Lahori, I usually complain about a very few everyday entertainment activities and spots (please exclude going to eateries), however when recently I got an invite for the Careem Scavenger Hunt , I felt elated! The bloggers community was invited to take part in a game show and observe the services of the company. For those who do not know, Careem is a cab company that allows you to roam around the city hassle-free, although it might not be as pocket friendly as you might be thinking! The company vaunts to have nice, clean and new cars and they claim their captains are pleasant and kind. Not knowing how to drive a vehicle, I felt positive about the newbie and their claims so I decided to experience this myself by attending the event.

The hunt took place on a sunny Sunday. There were eight teams with three participants each. The rules were simple; the players in the form of teams were given a clue card containing five different locations in Lahore. We had to guess the locations using the hints and reach there, every time booking a Careem captain from their Android friendly Careem App. I'm not embarrassed to accept, my team lost awfully!

The event was a success except that Careem guys really needed to set up their office first so that the guests could sit and chat in a comfortable environment. However, the brainy and young team behind Careem came up with a great idea of introducing the services in Lahore and publicising it through the bloggers community. Banners or ad-standees for business promotion no doubt are tried and tested ways, but unfortunately, they are way too lacklustre. Since the buyers are smartening up and recognizing the old-school sponsoring methods, the Careem team no doubt found a decent way of their ‘services-promotion.’ Having somebody else say things about your brand will resonate more than saying it yourself, for sure. It looks more reasonable too! Adding up to it, my personal view is that no doubt Careem is a cab service which would suit many like me, who know nothing about driving vehicles, or the college going girls when they cannot really sit on a bus or a riksha wearing those ‘public transport-inappropriate’ dresses. The android friendly application is easy to use too. The prices are towards the high-end, but isn’t that what you expect when booking a luxurious, chauffer driven car?