The citizens who are annoyed at the rising encroachments on busy roads have urged the authorities concerned to take action against the encroachers.

Roads and bazaars in the city area have become very congested due to ever-growing encroachments which obstruct smooth flow of traffic and cause great inconvenience to pedestrians.

“One could not even walk in market such as Muslin Bazaar, Mandar Road, Faisalabad Road, Lahore Road, and Shahra-e-Quaid Azam and Mudrassatul Binat Road for shopping because of ever-increasing encroachments,” said a senior citizen.

The vendors and shopkeepers have occupied footpaths, creating troubles for pedestrian, especially students and ladies come there for shopping. Vegetable, fruits, chicken, beef and mutton sellers with the help of local municipal officials have encroached many places in the main bazaars with wooden and iron khokhas and throw their garbage on roads.

Now many unauthorized sign boards are brightly illuminating in main bazaar, many sign boards are hanging like a jungle raj. Shop owners are putting sign boards at all available vacant wall in the bazaar.

Similarly, in the condition of Sargodha Road and Lahore Road which is specially occupied with large size of ramps and billiard tables where students of nearly primary and high school not only waste their time but also gamble. The encroachments of the Furniture Market up to the square have been causing frequent traffic jams in such road for hours. It is not worthy that the road is the main passage to the city.

Some people have grappled the Shamlat land and have badly failed to get the Shamlat vacated form these grabbers. The TMA kick started a number of anti-encroachment drives in the past but due to lack of consistency these drives have failed to produce results.