PTI has denied the allegations levelled against its leaders including Chaudhry Sarwar by former MNA Riaz Fatyana after his expulsion from the party.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, PTI local leaders said former district nazim and PTI leader Chaudhry Ashfaq, former district PTI organiser Maj (r) Ahmad Nawaz, former PTI Pirmahal organiser Dr Kashaf Riaz, nephew of ex-governor Sarwar, and PTI PP-87 ex-ticket holder Sardar Khawar Sher Gadhi Fatyana created a in favour of PML-N which won PP-89 seat in by-election held last month. They claimed that at first, Fatyana himself decided to get PTI ticket for the seat but later under a conspiracy plotted with Hamza Shahbaz Sharif in their meeting, he started demanding to award ticket to Sonia Ali Raza. They added that party chief Imran Khan had sent a probe committee on the PP 89 issue after election and its members also met with Fatyana and other office-bearers. It sent a report to Imran Khan that Fatyana intrigued against party in the by-election to make PML-N with the seat. In the light of the report, Imran Khan took action against Fatyana.

They denied the allegation of Fatyana that Sarwar was a candidate from NA 94 in future and said that Fatyana was not a trust worthy politician as he changed different political parties in the past.