Gen. Raheel Sharif based on his achievements of Zarb-i-Azab which was a Herculean task certainly deserves to be elevated to the rank of a Field Martial. We have a precedent in late Gen. Ayub Khan being made a Field Martial. So was Gen ® Manak Shah and late Gen. (Montgomery) were made Field Martial for different reasons. F.M. Ayub Khan made or initiated two mega dams in the country namely Mangla and Tarbela on which we are dependent till-to-day. Although no new hydro electric dam has been made in four decades and even KBD was declared to have become a victim of politics as per statement of a former Prime Minister. As such it shows that only a Field Martial can make a mega dam. So we can expect that if General Raheel is made a Field Martial on the basis of his outstanding achievements so much so that U.S.A. has declared him as the best general in the world as a man of action and few words. He qualifies excellently for being made a Field Martial if the politicians can digest this proposal. Our name would go sky high if we recognize the valiant services rendered by Gen. Raheel Sharif in arduous circumstances facing the terrorists and it would set on example in the whole world bringing accolades for Pakistan to have honoured a son of Pakistan for his meritorious services that have made a name for Pakistan. The status of Pakistan would has been raised so that new Pakistan is expected to become a bridge between Saudi Arabia and Iran to mediate between the two arch enemies which brings large credit to Pakistan and Govt. as well.


Lahore, January 19.