PESHAWAR - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said yesterday that provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa should lodge FIR against Adviser to Prime Minister Ameer Muqam for provoking doctors in Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar.

Addressing a press conference here at Chief Minister’s House, Imran Khan said it was a wrong perception advanced by some doctors that the act invoked for Pakistan International Airlines employees and Essential Health Services Act in KP were the same.

He was flanked by Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak, Health Minister Shahram Khan Tarakai and Adviser to CM on Information and Higher Education Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani.

He said Health Services Act was passed by the KP Assembly and properly discussed with the doctors’ community and all the stake-holders were taken onboard while PIA Essential Services Act was not presented in the Parliament.

He condemned killing of two PIA employees in Karachi during a protest demonstration and said PTI was against the privatisation of national flag carrier. Imran said federal government completely failed to strengthen the institution and the country had to bear Rs 300 billion loss due to these protests and centre was responsible for all that.

The PTI chairman said that it was in the manifesto of PTI that they will bring reforms in health and education sectors. He said colleges administration would also be improved. For this purpose, he maintained, the government would bring changes to better the administrative structure of education. Imran said the perception that education or colleges will also be privatised was wrong, however, they will be given autonomy to improve their administration structure.

“In the history of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa no government made such a big increase in the salaries and benefits of doctors. It is the PTI government in KP which took revolutionary steps and brought changes in health sector for the poor people of the province,” Imran added.

He said the provincial government had released six billion rupees to hospitals for improvement of the system. He said majority of the 35 CT-scan machines of public hospitals were out of order. Imran said the main aim of the MTI Act was to functionalise all those machines and use them for the poor patients.

He added that only five percent doctors were against the reforms of KP government in health sectors while 95 percent doctors were supporting the reforms. The PTI chairman claimed that only those doctors were on protest who wanted to do business at their private clinics.

He said the KP government was doing all that in light of the Peshawar High Court decision. As per the Essential Services Act, Imran maintained, doctors were not allowed to hold protest and cause inconvenience to patients.

To a question that will government take action against the protesting doctors, Imran said they could take strict action against those doctors but the provincial government would prefer negotiations and after that anyone holding protest would face the music.

Meanwhile, Adviser to Prime Minister Ameer Muqam, reacting to the PTI chairman’s press conference, said he would keep on raising voice for the doctors fearlessly.