Though, the ruling party has won a clean majority in local body elections, the party leadership has appeared indecisive to name a candidate for the slot of Municipal Committee chairman.

The PML-N won 17 out of 34 seats in recent LB polls and later elected independent councillors also joined the party.

However, the PML-N has yet to decide to whom they should push back or acknowledge, as the party local leaders themselves are in the run within their ranks and influencing to appoint their own family member on such an important position.

Due to the disagreement amongst the leaders, no one has yet been nominated for the post of Municipal Committee chairman.

It is a fact that two groups in the ruling party are holding their place and not willing to recognize each other. Both the groups have fielded their own candidates for the top slot.

On the other hand, the PTI leadership has also taken full advantage of the situation.

The PTI local leadership assured both the groups that they will support their candidates.

This lack of unanimity may dent the ruling party or they may lose the position, as there is more powerful candidate by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf for the slot of Municipal Committee chairman.