ISLAMABAD - Dean of Diplomatic Corps and Ambassador of Argentina, Rodolfo Martian Saravia hosted a reception to say goodbye to the outgoing diplomats including Swedish Ambassador Tomas Rosander, Japanese Ambassador Hiroshi Inomata and High Commissioner of the United Kingdom Philip Barton.

This was the last reception which was hosted by the dean as he is leaving Pakistan next month after staying about 12 years in the country. Rodolfo started his speech by saying, “This is my last farewell and my mind starts recalling the poem entitled “My last Farewell” which was written by the national hero of Philippines Jose Rizal. This poem was written one night earlier before he was hanged.”

Rodolfo has made a history as far as the relations between Pakistan and Argentina are concerned. He is university of diplomacy and definitely his name will not only be remembered in the history of Pakistan and Argentina, but also in the world diplomacy. Rodolfo did a lot to promote his country in Pakistan and brought both countries closer. Rodolfo appreciated the two and half years stay of Japanese ambassador in Pakistan. Hiroshi Inomata has been transferred to Netherlands and the Queen of Netherlands is visiting Pakistan. Rodolfo made a point and said that before Inomata leaves Pakistan he made it possible the visit of the Queen to Islamabad.

While talking about the Swedish Ambassador Rosander, who served for two years in Pakistan, Rodolfo appreciated his sense of humour and said he has learnt a lot from Rosander. Rodolfo mentioned that the trade and investment between Pakistan and Sweden increased during the Rosnader’s diplomatic tenure.

Rodolfo recalled the British high commissioner’s speech which he delivered a week ago at Institute of Strategic Studies (ISS) in which Philip mentioned about the progress in Pakistan in four sectors i.e. economy, security, democracy and relations with the neighbouring countries including Iran, India and Afghanistan. Philip also stayed for two years in Pakistan.

Hiroshi Inomata in his speech said that his two and half years stay in Pakistan was interesting and challenging one. He said Japan and Pakistan have been enjoying cordial and friendly bilateral relations in a wide range of areas since the establishment of the diplomatic relations in 1952.

He said the strength of Pakistan and its people is their hospitality. He said the new ambassador would arrive after his departure and expressed the hope that the diplomatic community would also extend their cooperation to him.

The Swedish ambassador also appreciated the Pakistani people as he enjoyed his stay in Pakistan. He believed Pakistan is an interesting country which produces two to three important stories everyday and as a journalist he has always taken keen interest in these stories.

The British high commissioner said that Pakistan and UK have deep historical relations and recognition. He said he is very sad for leaving Pakistan at the completion of his tenure in Islamabad.

-The writer is a freelance contributor.