ISLAMABAD: A security guard of the Polyclinic has allegedly been beat and thrashed by doctors over security checking.

The security guard , said to be a new in the hospital, was so frightened after being roughed up that he fled the hospital fearing for his life, a source in the hospital said.

According to the source, the security guard , identified as Waheed, stopped Dr Gul at the main entrance after he skipped entry through the walkthrough gate. When the security guard , who was unsure who he has stopped, asked Dr Gul to pass through the walkthrough gate, he got offended and attacked the guard and thrashed him in a fit of rage.

Meanwhile, security guards’ supervisor Shahid intervened and separated the two who had locked the horns. The security guard supervisor told the doctor that the guard was new and he should be spared for his ‘gaffe’.

According to the source, Dr Gul went into the hospital, returned with his other colleagues including Dr Taj (staff officer) and attacked the security guard and severely beat him up and kicked and pounced him. The security guard was badly injured; however, he managed to escape from the hold of his attackers.

According to the source, AQSA Security Guard Company Manager Major Amir has formally lodged a written complaint with Polyclinic Deputy Executive Director Dr Shahid Hanif against the attackers including Dr Gul pleading the hospital administration to probe the matter and fix responsibility. The source said that the hospital administration has formed a three-member committee to probe the matter.

When contacted, Dr Gul claimed that the issue has been resolved as was just a ‘misunderstanding’.

The Polyclinic executive director did not respond to repeated calls made on his cell phone number to get his version on the issue.