Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) Laboratories Lahore  is working on a number of research oriented projects, the most important being to produce bio fuel from crop residue.

Established in 1953 to help industry and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in troubleshooting, quality assurance and quality control, the Institute is also working on a plan to set up a modern laboratory for testing the efficiency of electrical appliances, something not done before in Pakistan.

PCSIR Laboratories Complex is undertaking one component of bio fuel project with Punjab University and Government College University doing the remaining two.

“It is one of the three projects given to the PCSIR under Public Sector Development Program. Total cost of the project is Rs263 million. PCSIR is doing one component at a cost of Rs63 million”, said Dr Sakhawat Ali, Director General PCSIR Lahore.

Electrical Measuring Testing Lab, a PSDP project, will cost Rs56 million.

Balancing, modernization and refurbishment of PCSIR Laboratories Complex is the third PSDP funded project. 

“BMR is the ongoing project likely to be completed during the current year. The project includes refurbishment of road infrastructure, replacement of electricity wires, gas and water pipelines, fencing and upgradation of labs at a cost of Rs549 million”, Dr Sakhawat Ali said. He said that two projects have been forwarded and work on these would be started soon after approval and allocation of funds. The proposed projects include establishment of state of the art halal testing lab at a cost of Rs59 million and setting up a centre for checking virginity of material used in manufacturing of polythene bags at Rs98 million.

The PCSIR Laboratories are also undertaking more than 20 need based research initiatives and six funded projects in varying fields.

“In house need based research and development projects are covering important sectors including chemical, pharmaceutical, tanneries, fertilizers, food technology, bating enzymes, animals feed, surgical equipment. These projects aimed at catering the present day and future needs of various industries are identified with consultation of stakeholders. We are doing these projects from own resources and there is no issue of funding for research oriented initiatives. Chairman PCSIR Dr Shahzad Alam is encouraging us to identify projects and send the same for PSDP funding. As many as 4-5 projects will be forwarded for approval during the current month”, the DG said. He said that the Institute carried out analysis of more than 14,000 samples and generated revenue amounting to Rs99 million.

To a question regarding irregular meetings of council and delay in promotions, he said that the situation has improved considerably.

“PCSIR Council has taken up a number of important issues in recently convened meeting. DPC has completed promotions from BPS 1-15. The same will happen for employees in BPS 16 and above. Vacant posts will be filled through promotions and recruitment. Promotions and recruitment will help checking brain drain and accelerate research work at the Institute.