With the passage of time technology is making things easier and secure for mankind in every field. It is now our job, how we use this technology in the best way. In today’s world we have cars which are the best mode of travelling easily and comfortably but it’s inappropriate use put many lives in danger. Almost 40% of the accidents in the world are due to drunk driving. According to an organization MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) 12000 people died on road every year in only U.S. This is mainly because either the drivers are teen or commercial fleets. Is technology capable of stopping drunk driving? Answer to this question is YES. A group of leading auto-makers and Department of transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) disclose a new test vehicle which is equipped with Alcohol Detection System. This system detects the concentration of alcohol in the blood within a second. If this concentration of alcohol in blood is above 0.08 the vehicle won’t move.

There will be two different methods of alcohol measurement on which researcher are working.1) Breath based system. Measures concentration of alcohol in the driver’s breath. 2) Touch based system. It works by shining infrared light through the finger print.

Researchers believe that this equipment will save thousands of lives every year and thus will reduce the percentage of accidents due to drunk driving.


Jhelum, December 17.