A local public school received a threat letter from an unidentified source on Tuesday, hurling a warning to the school administration to be prepared to face a bloodbath.

All security agencies including police and rangers rushed to the Government Pilot Higher Secondary School at Nawan Shehr Chowk and carried out a thorough search operation at the building but nothing was found.

EDO Education Ashfaq Gujjar told journalists that although the letter was received, all schools of Multan would remain open on Wednesday (today). “We’ve put security on high alert. Our security arrangements are foolproof and we’re not going to close down schools due to this threat letter,” he added. He said that the security agencies were investigating into the matter and such tactics could not intimidate the students or teachers.

The letter was written in Urdu and the school administration received it through registered mail. A writing on the envelop of the letter warned that the terrorist activity could take place any time till April 8. “Be prepared! We can play khoon ki holi at your school at any time between February 10 and April 8,” warned the writing on the envelop.

Meanwhile, the district police launched an investigation to trace the sender. The CPO Azhar Akram said that security was beefed up to avert any untoward incident.

He added that the letter appeared to be a mischief but still a serious investigation had been launched into the issue.

On the other hand, the letter sent a serious panic wave to the parents. “I’ll not send my son to school until I am fully satisfied on the security situation,” said one Aslam Khan, father of a student of 10th grade. Majority of the parents expressed the same intention.

JOINT WEBSITE LAUNCHED: The City District Government has launched a joint website of all district departments in collaboration with the Urban Unit which will give information on all departments including their addresses, workers, assets and officers.

This was disclosed by the DCO Zahid Saleem Gondal while chairing a meeting held here on Tuesday. He added that the website would also offer fresh updates on any complaints lodged by the citizens while it would help monitor the performance of the departments.

He said that the new system would help monitor the attendance of employees of all district departments.

He disclosed that the geo tagging of all schools would begin under the new system very soon while it would also be utilized to monitor ongoing development projects in the district. He further revealed that the vehicles of government departments would be linked to the system through geo tagging to keep eye on their movement.