WASHINGTON - The United States has reaffirmed its commitment to assist India in bringing perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to justice, saying it is indicative of its close relations with India.

"The United States is committed to doing all we can to assist the government of India in pursuing every possible lead to bring to justice those responsible for that attack to the fullest extent permitted by US law," State Department Spokesman John Kirby told the daily press briefing Monday.

Asked about it by an Indian journalist, Kirby said that the US Department of Justice had made David Headley “available by video link to a court in Mumbai to provide his testimony on his involvement in the Mumbai attack ." He added, "Certainly, it's indicative of our commitment to making sure the perpetrators of that attack are brought to justice and I think it's indicative of a close relationship with India, again, in a law enforcement realm but across all others as well." David Coleman Headley (or Daood Gilani, the name he was given at birth) was born in Washington, where his father and American mother worked at the Pakistan Embassy -- he as a diplomat and she as a secretary.

"We'll always look to try to improve our cooperation across all different aspects of the relationship. I don't want to prejudge or presuppose here based on this testimony, that that it has a strategic value here. That's not for me to speak to," Kirby said.