HAFIZABAD - The District Public School students and their parents expressed their concern over the exorbitant fee and called upon the DPS management not to further increase the dues.

They said that the main objective of establishing the school in 1998 was to provide quality education for the poor students who cannot afford heavy fee. Thus, nominal fee of Rs6,000 per annum was then fixed, they said. Moreover, they said, the Punjab Education Foundation is providing grant and local philanthropists are also giving substantial donations.

They further said that at the time of establishment, it was decided that nominal fee would be collected from the students on no loss not profit basis while the salaries of the staff would be paid out of donations, grant of Punjab Education Foundation and fee collected from the students.

However, during 2017 the annual fee was increased to Rs25,820 as against Rs6,000 in 1998. Now, the management intends to further increase the fee, which is intolerable, they said.

They called upon the management to stop further increase in the fee to relieve them of financial burden.

A common room for the female staff and attendants has been established in the Family Court at District Judicial Complex.

In this connection, Senior Civil Judge (Admin) Aamir Shahzad Khan directed that all sorts of facilities be made available to the staff in the common room. Moreover, he provided wheelchairs for the disabled litigants. A parking lot was set up for the parking of motorcycles, cycles and vehicles in the complex.