We have to come to terms with the fact that lately, in the playground of positive foreign relations, Pakistan is the grubby snot-nosed kid that no one wants to be friends with. Lately the focal point of regional ire and hostilities, the avowal of cooperative bilateral relations between Pakistan and Jordan comes at a very opportune time. The bilateral ties and regional and international developments promise advancement in cooperation in political, economic, commercial, military, security and cultural areas. Both countries are members of the G-11 group and can collaborate on diversification and increase in exports.

Not only do the two allies share deep, historical ties, Jordan stands apart from its Middle Eastern neighbors not only in terms of political stability, but also as a protagonist of a more progressive and holistic Islamic ideology.

Building ties with Jordan is a positive step in Pakistan’s strategic and diplomatic foreign policy. Not only does it offer opportunities to strengthen economic cooperation and increase trade exchange, it affords opportunities to Pakistan to capitalize on Jordan’s strategic location as a gateway into US, European and African markets due to the free trade agreements the Kingdom has signed with various countries.

While the Palestinian cause unifies both Pakistan and Jordan in refuting Trumps’ call for Jerusalem as Israel’s’ capital, Jordan maintains its status as an avid ally of the currently antagonistic US. A reaffirmation of Jordan’s appreciation of and cooperation with Pakistan’s efforts to fight terrorism also tones down the current dominant US narrative on Pakistan as ‘a haven for terrorists’.

Pakistan in turn also garnered Jordan’s favor on the dispute of Jammu and Kashmir stressing the importance of reaching a political solution to the issue with India, in accordance with international law and relevant UN resolution. Pakistan can also stand to learn from Jordan’s very amicable foreign policy in the region.

Strengthening Pakistan-Jordanian relations can hold great promise for both countries and is a timely positive step in Pakistan’s diplomatic ledger.