The Tharparkar region of the Sindh province still faces severe problems which have resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people during the past few decades.

The governments have not paid any attention towards these problems. As a result, the lives of the people in this region are severely affected.

According to recent reports, at least seven children died owing to malnutrition within two days. The death toll in 2019 in Thar has risen up to 38 children who have died due to malnutrition. Moreover, as many as 46 children are being treated in hospitals currently.

According to some studies almost 450 children lost their lives in 2017; 479 in 2016 and approximately 398 deaths were reported in 2015.

However, 509 people died in the region only in the previous year which is the highest-ever recorded death toll in the past four years.

According to reports the deaths have occurred owing to a number of complications like low birth weight, extreme pneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), malnutrition and diarrhea. The people of Thar are denied their fundamental rights. They have been confronting these dilemmas since a very long time and their daily lives are also being disturbed.

The government is requested to focus some of their attention and resources on the people of Thar rather than spending them on other, less alarming activities so that precious lives can be saved.


Turbat, January 20.