The Pakistani government is pondering to make  strict laws to ensure wildlife protection and stop illegal hunting in  the country.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government has sought recommendations from  the ministry of climate change, and experts working on protection of  wildlife, for forming an effective policy to protect wildlife.

Pakistan currently has 174 types of mammals, 177 species of reptiles and  668 species of birds. Over 90 of these animal species are considered  endangered, including snow cheetahs found in northern areas. In  addition, 50 species of mammals, 27 birds and 17 types of insects are  also endangered, Xinhua reported.

In its recommendations, the ministry of climate change said the  government, community members, non-governmental organizations and other  institutions should seek support from the general public to protect  endangered species.

It also proposed that provincial wildlife departments should pay special  attention to the conservation of endangered animals.

The government directed Zoological Survey of Pakistan, a department  under the ministry of climate change, which carries out survey and  research on distribution, population, and status of animal life in  Pakistan, to continue ascertaining statistics for wildlife species and  their living conditions, and present its periodic report.