Education is an essential tool that teaches us how to live our lives, how to talk to others and tell the difference between right and wrong. Nelson Mandela truly said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Education in Sindh is being neglected by the current government. It is said that if you want to destroy any nation you must first destroy its education.

In Taluka Johi more than 50 primary schools are not functioning currently. The teachers do not show up to school, there is widespread cheating during exams and the quality of education remains poor. The Sindh government is playing with the children’s future. In the villages, the local teachers are running their own businesses instead of giving time to school and the students. Recently, Sindh government appointed Monitoring Assistants to ensure that teachers show up to schools. Unfortunately, all the Monitoring Assistants are also local persons and they don’t fulfill their duty honestly. It seems that neither the Sindh government nor teachers are sincere in wanting to improve the education system.

The Sindh government should take an immediate action regarding education and make a task force f which strictly keeps a close eye at the education system and update or publish a report on a bi-annual basis, so that the schools can become more functional.


Wahi Pandhi, January 20.