Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu said about two thousand years ago “It is never beneficial to a Nation to have a military operation continue for a long time.” It is true that war brings destruction, devastation and unbearable economic losses to nations. Presently, US President Donald Trump too is acknowledging that the US war on terror has resulted in huge financial damages to the US exchequers so much so that USA can no longer afford such an expensive war abroad. Therefore, they are ready to have a dialogue with Afghan Taliban to end this deadly conflict that has continued in Afghanistan for far too long. Simultaneously, history has witnessed that Two great wars fought in Europe WWI and WWII that brought widespread conflict in Europe but the presence of the United Nations has prevented a third world war.

Presently, the crisis in Yemen and Syria must be stopped because no party can claim victory. The only solution is an inclusive government with a peaceful dialogue process where all parties to the conflict be a part of such talks. This initiative has to be taken by the western powers like the United States, who have the biggest role to play in the crises. This practice must be ended to ensure a more peaceful world and better relations between nations


Shikarpur, January 22.