AhmedpurEast-Assistant Commissioner Ahmedpur East Naeem Sadiq Cheema has sealed Ahmedpur Press Club under section 145 CRPC to avert any untoward incident between two rival groups of local journalists.

He also banned entry of any journalist in the premises of Jinnah Hall and deputed local police to ensure implementation of his orders in its true letter and spirit. Assistant Commissioner /Administrator Municipal Committee further prohibited use of Jinnah Hall by any faction of Ahmedpur Press Club and said these orders shall remain enforced until reconciliation between two rival groups of press club.

According to details, after passage of 32 years a new building of Ahmedpur East Press Club was constructed in 2018 and in February 2019, its first elections were held for which all groups agreed to enroll 187 members who cast their votes. Rafiq Safdar and Khadim Hussein Somro had been elected as its President and General Secretary respectively last year.

In the beginning of 2020, President Rafique Safdar and General Secretary Khadim Somro constituted a scrutiny committee headed by Chairman Makki Haider Jalwana in which representatives of all groups were included .Scrutiny Committee held its one meeting but in the second meeting, members quarreled with each other resultantly one group boycotted its further proceedings. Chairman Scrutiny Committee Makki Haider Jalwana and other members finalised a list of 47 journalists who were declared eligible for the membership of Ahmedpur East Press Club. Election board conducted elections in which Rafique Safdar and AD Jalwana were elected unopposed as President and General Secretary respectively. Rival group rejected this election and stormed Press Club building on the eve of Kashmir Day, President and General Secretary informed City Police about this incident. A party of City Police headed by SHO Abid Hameed Rana rushed the scene and got vacated Press Club building and locked it. Leaders of both rival groups were detained at City Police Station for several hours but released without registration of any case.

Meanwhile, the rival group announced to hold elections of Press Club in Jinnah Hall and declared all its 186 members (one expired) eligible for voting. Opponent Rafique Safdar opposed it and approached administration and police. Assistant Commissioner after holding consultations with Deputy Commissioner Bahwalpur and DSP Abdul Rahim Leghari sealed Press Club under 145 CRPC and banned entry of any journalist in Jinnah Hall. Police contingent had been deployed around Press Club building and Jinnah Hall for maintenance of peace, law and order.