Rockstar Ali Zafar attended the first-ever Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA) 2020 at the Coca-Cola Arena located in City Walk, Dubai. The star performer had the audience fascinated as he rocked the whole show through and through.

His powerful voice took over the whole theatre. The screens switched turning up the entertainment in full swing. His performance with Aima Baig on "Sajna Door Teri'yaan Raa'waan" was something to remember.

The centre of the performance was of course, Ali Zafar himself singing several different tracks including his spell bound song ‘I am Rockstar’, leaving the audience awe-struck and crowd cheering all around. The performance was a bonus to the show.

The Teefa in Trouble star addressed the crowd and spoke of what his songs were about. He explained what his song "Jhoom" was about and how you treat people affects you tenfold – if you give someone grief, you will in turn get it too, but if you are good to people, good will come your way.

He, then moved on and discussed the recording of his song, "Sunre Sajaniya" for a crush, whom, he even made a mixed tape for and the crowd hooted along with obvious approval.

The star explained the inspiration behind his each song, and later made the night hypnotising with Aima Baig who sang a duet with him while he played his guitar acoustically throughout the performance.

From all of the performances seen over the course of the night, this was the one that engaged the crowd the most and left audience in a constant euphoric state after every song.