The bushfire emergency in Australia has a huge effect on climate change. The recent bushfire has taken place in some major cities of Australia like New South Wales, where the toxic bushfire smoke made a very thick black blanket in the sky.

It was a dangerous condition of the people living near the seaside towns. It has killed 18 people in rural areas and destroyed above than 1000 homes including property damage. The temperature during the bushfire claimed 120 as if it was an experience for the “Gates of Hall” and it is likely the earth is changing into mars. However, in this emergency level 480 million animals have been destroyed and the fire burned 4 million hectares.

In fact, the scientists believe that the climate change is creating a longer and more intense bushfire season. The fire, smoke has a huge effect on neighboring countries as the smoke crossed the Tasmanian Sea and covered the New Zealand. The climate change is very badly affecting the environment and it is becoming a real challenge to regain the suitable environment again.