KARACHI                   -              Citizen-Police Liaison Commit­tee (CPLC) on Sunday released its monthly crime statistics report, showing an increase in street crimes during January. According to statistics compiled by the CPLC, overall 191 four-wheelers were either snatched or stolen from the city last month. The report further reveals that incidents of snatching and stealing two-wheelers remained higher in the city as over 90 bikes were stolen or snatched during the last month. The authorities re­mained successful in recovering only 285 bikes, the report dis­closes. Overall, 1,912 incidents of mobile phone snatching were reported from the city in Janu­ary, while 30 people were killed during the month under review. The report further says that two cases of kidnapping for ransom were report­ed from the city last month.

Street crimes remained on the rise in the port city in December 2019 despite the law-enforcement agen­cies’ claims of having stepped up measures to rein in the outlaws.

According to the statistics com­piled by CPLC, as many as 2,546 two-wheelers were stolen while 151 others were snatched at gunpoint in December. Out of the total snatched and stolen bikes, 395 were recov­ered. The incidents of bike snatch­ing and stealing topped the list of street crimes reported from the city in December. As per the data, 1,865 mobile phones were snatched, out of which 236 were recovered.