ISLAMABAD-Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Information and Broadcasting Dr. Firdous said Sunday that mafias were trying to foil reforms agenda of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Addressing a presser, she said the people had witnessed the government tenures where judges were threatened to change their decisions and politics were played in the name of reconciliation and NROs.

“However, the masses now want a change in this system and stand alongside Imran Khan for fulfilling the dream of a Pakistan envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam [Muhammad Ali Jinnah],” she said and added that people knew that only Imran Khan had the ability to change this system.

She said the corrupt mafia knew that their failure was lying in success of Imran Khan and therefore they created flour and sugar crises in the country. “We have come to know of a network behind the fake sugar crisis,” she said, adding that people invested their money in crops to whiten their black money.

She blamed that the wheat was stored in godowns using black money but the prime minister had directed the provincial governments to take stern action against the hoarders. Firdous said that the mafia was trying to foil reforms agenda of the prime minister but the latter would not step back an inch from the promises he made with the people of the country.