ISLAMABAD-Federal Government Services (FGS) Polyclinic’s Mother and Child Hospital (MCH) including children nursery is being upgraded with additional facilities, In-charge MCH said on Saturday. Dr. Shareef Astori, In-charge MCH said that construction work for the up-gradation of MCH is underway and it will be completed till mid of the year. He said that children nursery and operation theatres are being prepared to manage the increasing influx of the patients in hospital. The number of beds at MCH is also being increased. Dr. Shareef added that two latest operation theatres are being up-graded, five beds in children nursery and 40 beds are being added in MCH of the Polyclinic hospital. In-charge MCH informed that currently above one dozen doctors with around 25 para-medics are working at MCH and their efficiency will be improved with increased facilities here.

Dr. Shareef said that MCH in its upper storeys has the nursing hostel which will be utilised for the hospital adding more beds and the hostel will be shifted to another rented place.

In-charge MCH said that Polyclinic hospital provides free of cost healthcare to patients visiting from federal capital and far flung areas and the number of patients visiting OPD of the hospital has reached around 7,000 daily.

He added that Polyclinic hospital is accessible to rural population which adds extra burden on the hospital.

“Strengthening of basic health units in rural areas will help reducing burden on Polyclinic hospital,” he said.

Dr. Shareef said that rural population faces problems of maternity care due to lack of facilities in primary healthcare system and adds extra load on tertiary hospital like FGS Polyclinic.

He said that as per load on Polyclinic hospital, its capacity needs to be doubled. However, it is working with the same capacity. “Though the project of extension of the hospital was halted after the court decision on construction in Argentina Park, still authorities are considering the extension on another place,” he said. He said that hospital’s MCH is facilitating patients and citizens according to its capacity and strength. “Up-gradation will bring relief to the citizens to some extent,” he said.

Dr. Shareef said that latest equipment is being installed for the patients keeping in view the increasing number of patients.

He said that the staff at MCH works round the clock and receive emergency cases as well. Dr. Shareef said that the strength of beds, nursery and operation theatre has been increased according to the capacity of the building.

“However extension of the hospital in future will bring a relief to citizens as population of the city has reached 2.2 million,” he said.