The oppressed people of our country look to higher authorities for the redress of their grievances. These higher authorities are President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, High Courts, Chairman Senate and Speaker of Parliament. Unfortunately, in our country, all higher authorities are powerless and also engaged with other tasks, superior to the grievances of poor people of Pakistan. The constitution of Pakistan has established President and Prime Minister Secretariat for the prompt and speedy remedy and justice to the people of Pakistan. The Prime Minister and President have inaugurated a web site but as usual no tangible results. The people of Pakistan have aptly lost faith in these secretariats, as they are only post offices and transfer petitions of poor people to the original perpetrator of injustices. The poor people are not in a sound position to afford the exorbitant fees of Lawyers who are struggling to free the judiciary and enslaving poor people.

The Secretariat of Prime Minister Bhutto and Zia ul Haq was active and their staff was pursuing the petitions of poor people in their tenure, that’s why they are remembered by the poor people of Pakistan. The poor people of Pakistan appeal to the preoccupied higher authority to kindly activate their secretariat and response to the poor people of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan demand and deserve a pro-active executive to redress their genuine grievance, as a pro-active executive is the only panacea of all executive evils. Poor people dream that when the executive will perform its assigned duty to serve their brethren. The executive should abandon the tradition of protecting the perpetrators instead; they should take disciplinary action against the transgressor and violators of rights of poor people. The Prime Minister and President’s secretariat is solicited to redress my appeal that is pending for long.