KARACHI (PPI) - I want to see the face of my sister Sughra as her young son is saying that the face of my sister was not affected. Half-conscious Bakhtar with tears in her eyes told PPI on Friday. Bakhtar is the sister of Sughra who died on Thursday night in the fire, which erupted at makeshifts houses built at three plots at 5-L area, North Karachi "I have not been able to have last glimpse of my sister," said Bakhtar. "I was away from home when the incident occurred," added Bakhtar. "Twenty members of our family have been burnt alive including our father and mother-in-law, twelve children and four couples," said Bakhtar with tears in her eyes. Bakhtar was asking desperately everyone including law enforcers, media personnel and residents of the areas to help her see the face of her burnt sister. "I came to know about the incident when I was leaving for work in the morning at 9 O'clock today," said Mohammad Arshad brother-in- law of one of the victims while talking to this news agency on Friday at the site of burnt makeshift houses. "Shamsa (40) was my sister-in-law and she died along with her 11 children," said Arshad. "I live near Safora Goth and the moment I heard about the news I rushed here," he added. Shamsa had been living here for the last 20 years but nothing bad happened earlier but all of a sudden we have lost everything, said Arshad. The people residing here hailed from villages Zair Peer and Wasti Moda Tatar Chachar from Rahimyar Khan, said Arshad. Forty people including children, men and women were burnt alive last night in the fire which erupted at makeshifts set up at three plots at 5-L area, North Karachi. It has been learnt that families residing at the makeshift were relative to each other and as many as 22 people of one family burnt alive in the fire. The males of the family were the scrape (Tin Dabbey) cart pushers while females used to work as skives at different homes in the locality, he said. They hailed from Rahim Yar Khan and spoke Saraiki language, he added. The fire brigades reached the scene within ten minutes but couldn't do much as everything was burnt to ashes within 30 minutes, he said. The fire turned into conflagration, as it was an airy night yesterday, he said. "They used to avail electricity through Kunda system and paid the bill as fixed by KESC Kunda holders," said another resident Jamil of the same lane. "The power line which passed overhead from their house has been totally destroyed from which they had taken Kunda," he added. The fire might have erupted due to Kunda system as we don't know how they had distributed power lines within their home, said Jamil. Some eyewitnesses at the scene said that fire brigade staff was ill equipped as the fire tender caved in at the entry point of the makeshift and couldn't do anything. They added if they were well equipped so many lives could have been saved. "We were leaving the site at 4 a.m. in the Saturday morning but as the relatives of deceased people insisted us that they wanted to collect their remnants so we have cordoned off the area," said a Rangers' official who declined to be named, he added.