Having acquired the fuel-efficient, long range B777s, which are being successfully operated by many profitable airlines of the world, PIA needs to ground fuel-guzzling B747s as per its original business plan submitted to financial institutions that funded the deal. Had the airline properly negotiated financial loans required to fund the purchase, it should have gone for the white-tailed United Airlines B777s, which were on offer. That deal would have saved us hundreds of millions of dollars, which were needlessly wasted by those seeking fat kickbacks. The business plan submitted was based on replacement of B747s which were not found to be viable at fuel price in excess of $29, 10%annual increase in revenues, reduction in maintenance costs, etc, etc. Instead of that we have seen the last quarter loss skyrocketing to Rs20.4 billion or Rs 9.49 million an hour. This exposes the competence level, pilferages, poor planning and bad marketing strategies of a management team that is there only because they had been nominated by their political benefactors. The mammoth loss of Rs 38.4 billion, incurred by PIA in Jan to Sept 2008, is more than the total losses of the airline during last 9 years. This is mindless wastage of taxpayers' money and should not be allowed to go unchecked. If any proof is needed the recent mismanaged Haj operation should be evaluated to expose the team presently at helm of affairs. -ABRAR H., Faisalabad, via e-mail, January 2.