NATIONAL Security Advisor Mehmud Ali Durrani's statement leading to his immediate dismissal by Prime Minister Gilani is yet another reminder that there is something seriously wrong with the PPP-led administration's style of governance. Mr Durrani had no business making a statement replete with serious international implications without first consulting the PM. His statement came as a surprise to the latter and made the Foreign Ministry and Interior Ministry cut a sorry figure. Earlier, Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir had told CNN-IBN that he could not confirm that Kasab was a Pakistani citizen, while Minister of State for Interior Tasnim Qureshi had authoritatively told news channels that Kasab was not a Pakistani citizen. The statement by Mr Durrani not only caused embarrassment to the government but has also sparked all sorts of speculation. It is being suggested that there are growing fissures within the ruling party and among various organs of the establishment. Others cite it as yet another example of keeping the Prime Minister out of major policy matters. If the intelligence agencies had concluded that Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani, the fact should have been acknowledged at the earliest. The PM's Interior Adviser's stand that the name did not appear in the NADRA databank carried little weight, as thanks to the Authority's inefficiency, thousands of aliens trot around the globe with fake Pakistani ID cards while bonafide citizens still await to be registered. If foreign media followed by local could confirm within days that Kasab belonged to Fardikot, the agencies could have made the discovery much earlier, and then worked hard to trace out his subsequent movements, that led him to fall into the hands of Indian authorities. Acts of terrorism committed by individuals do not necessarily incriminate their governments or its agencies. The majority of the 19 terrorists who struck the twin towers on 9/11 were Saudi citizens, but, thanks to an early acknowledgement by the Kingdom and subsequent anti- terror actions, nobody blamed it for the acts. The announcement should have been made by Prime Minister Gilani after taking all relevant ministries on board, rather than by Mr Durrani in what can only be described as indecent haste. Even if the Prime Minister could not be approached in Lahore, which few would consider credible, a day's delay would not have brought down the heavens. There are many who think the affair is the result of the basic flaw of the President continuing to be the centre of power rather than the Prime Minister. Many would expect the Prime Minister to exert his authority as visualised in parliamentary democracy. This would constitute the first step towards good governance and the strengthening of institutions.