BRITNEY Spears went home to Louisiana over Christmas break, where one of her designated (read: nonhacker) Twitter minions reports that "it was super chill, with lots of working out and spending time with her whole family." As already mentioned, part of that family time involved her older brother's New Year's Eve wedding. The ceremony was described as "beautiful" and "intimate," which is nice, but of course all we wanted to know was what Britney looked like. Fortunately, Brit decided to share some pictures from that day so we could make sure everything went OK. Everyone looks so put-together and sophisticated-good work, Team Spears. Oh, and what do you know, there's grandma. All right, now who wants some real Britney gossip? OK has decided to be the happy-family-picture party pooper, accusing Brit of giving up her boys for her career. The mag reports that in order to be insured to go on tour this year, Brit had to halt the fight to win back custody of Jayden James and Sean Preston and resign herself to indefinite conservatorship. As their source puts it, "Whether it was her decision or whether she was pressured into it, Britney's deal with the devil put the tour ahead of the kids." - E Online True or not, we know Britney will eventually rise again not only as a phoenix but as a bird of paradise that will fight for her freedom. - E Online