A section of press has released a news report about yearly official crime figures in Islamabad for the last year. The reports show roughly 130 murders in the ICT thanas. This is misleading and a cover up going on for years. The incidence of dead bodies found including known murders in the thanas of Islamabad is about one to three per week per thana. There are at least thirteen thanas in Islamabad. A close scrutiny of emergency 15 register, PIMS and other hospital post mortem records, emergency department records, Edhi service record and inside informers will definitely bear with the figures I have quoted below. Most SHO's and ASI's try to get rid of bodies without much inquiry. The doctors reports are ignored and sometimes cannot be read by our untrained police men. Homicide is deliberately entered as suicide especially in cases of hanging. Second opinion is a rarity and so is informed opinion as to what doctor has written. In my view, the true murder figure is probably about 800 murders per year in Islamabad. And that is a conservative estimate. -M. SHAIKH, Islamabad, via e-mail, January 2.