ISLAMABAD - The government and Baitullah Mehsud-led Tahreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have re-established contacts through some common 'well wishers' to bring peace to the violence-ridden areas of FATA and North Western Frontier Province (NWFP), reliable sources disclosed to TheNation on Wednesday. According to the sources, "It is the latest indirect contact between the government and the TTP after suspension of talks between the two sides over Swat operation." Awami National Party (ANP), an important partner in the PPP-led coalition government and major shareholder in the NWFP government, is also in contact with TTP leaders. Although ANP has not confirmed officially but it has been approached by the Taliban leaders and vice versa, the sources said. Zahid Khan, ANP's central spokesman, has recently told TheNation that they were not in contact with the TTP or no any underhand talks with TTP were taking place to stop violence in the troubled tribal and NWFP areas. However, he added that the growing militancy in the tribal areas, close to Pak-Afghan border, was having spillover effects on the provincially governed districts, therefore, the provincial government had concerns over the issue and wanted to resolve it politically. Another senior NWFP government official told TheNation that ANP is not against resolving the issue peacefully and it has been asking the militants to surrender and disarm before sitting across the negotiation table to sort out the differences. Maulvi Omar, TTP's spokesman, has confirmed recently that they were in contact with ANP-led government and called for immediate halt to the ongoing military operations in Bajaur Agency and Swat valley. "Taliban have conveyed their willingness to the ANP chief Asfandyar Wali Khan through some common sources," a source close to TTP stated, and added they had several other contacts also to pave the way for talks. Another reliable source told TheNation that ANP is also in constant contact with the chief of the defunct organization, Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Sharyat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM), Maulana Sufi Mohammad on the issue of enforcing Sharia in the Malakand Division, troubled Swat valley and Upper and Lower Dir Districts of the NWFP. "Maulana Sufi still has some links with Taliban and he is respected in Taliban and the government circles as well," he claimed. However, contrary to the claims of Taliban, former Senator Zahid Khan denied that ANP had any direct contact with militants. "No, we don't have any direct contact with the Taliban," he said. However, he added that some individuals might have links with militants in their personal capacity. ANP had pledged during February 18, 2008 general polls that they would bring peace to the NWFP and held talks with TTP Swat Chapter immediately after forming the government in the province. In May last, they reached a peace agreement, which later was scrapped by the militants over some differences with the government. Moreover, in parallel developments after scrapping the agreement, the government also launched military action in Bajaur Agency in August 2008 to defeat the militants, who had practically restricted the government's writ. Violence has been on the rise in the Swat valley and other areas since then. The growing militancy has badly affected the civilians in the affected area and the local people have been migrating from there to some other comparatively safer areas.