India has not exhausted its diplomatic options in its attempt to bring the Mumbai attack plotters to justice and would take further steps only if Pak does not act, India's foreign minister said on Saturday. "We have not reached the end of the road," Pranab Mukherjee told CNN-IBN television channel, following a week in which India has shown increasing frustration at what it sees is Pakistan's unwillingness to bring the Mumbai attack plotters to justice. The Mumbai attacks also revived tension between two nations that have fought three wars since 1947, leading to speculation in the media that India could carry out strikes against militant camps inside Pakistan. Mukherjee declined to comment on what India's options were, but replying to a question on whether India was considering Israel-like strikes, he said the two issues could not be compared. "I have not occupied in Pakistan's land, which Israel has done, so how is the situation comparable?" he shot back during the TV interview. Experts said India will keep up diplomatic pressure on Pakistan and the international community to take action. "India is also likely to go to the United Nations and ultimately try and get the international community to declare Pakistan as terrorist state," C. Uday Bhaskar, a strategic affairs expert said. "The essential thing is to keep maintaining the pressure," Shashi Tharoor, the former UN Under Secretary-General wrote in the Times of India. "Pakistan must not be allowed to believe that with the passage of time, Mumbai will have been forgotten and Islamabad will be off the hook."