JERUSALEM (AFP) - The International Committee of the Red Cross is temporarily restricting its Gaza operations to the territory's main city after one of its vehicles was hit, apparently by Israeli forces, a spokeswoman said. "We had an incident when one of our trucks travelling at the front of a convoy of 13 ambulances delivering medical assistance to south Gaza was shot at," ICRC spokeswoman Anne Sophie Bonefeld told AFP. She said one person was lightly wounded. Asked who attacked the truck, she said: "We very much believe it was the IDF (Israeli military)." The main UN agency in Gaza, UNRWA on Thursday suspended it operations in the battered Palestinian enclave after a contracted driver was killed when a truck convoy, sent to pick up humanitarian supplies in northern Gaza, was hit by Israeli tank shells. France on Friday condemned the shelling of an aid convoy that forced the UN to suspend relief operations in Gaza, saying it believed Israel was "probably" responsible. "We condemn the strike that caused the death of an UNRWA driver who was delivering humanitarian aid and we offer our condolences to his family," Foreign Ministry spokesman Eric Chevallier said in a statement.