LAHORE - PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has described the government's contradictory statements about the identity of Ajmal Kasab, sole surviving alleged terrorist in Mumbai carnage, as outrageous. He said that insensibility shown on the tricky issue by the government reinforced the impression that there was lack of coordination among its own ranks. He suggested that the PPP-led government must promote consultation process and think seriously before making any statement. He expressed these views during his two hours meeting with UK parliamentarian Ch Muhammad Sarwar headed by a delegation at his Raiwind residence here on Friday. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Pervaiz Rashid were present on the occasion. Nawaz deplored that despite the fact that Indian government did not provide concrete evidences about the alleged involvement of Pakistan in Mumbai attacks, it had launched propaganda campaign by misleading the international community. He asked the government to take effective steps to give matching response to the Indian government. He directed the party leaders and workers to ensure their participation in the protest rallies to be carried out on January 12 against Israeli aggression in Gaza. He called upon the government to raise the issue on all international platforms including the OIC. He also asked the people belonging to different spheres of life to join lawyers' long march and prove that Musharraf's steps were unconstitutional. The PML-N Quaid further said the deposed judges should be reinstated to put last rivet in the coffin of dictatorship. He said unless steps were taken to undo the actions of Musharraf and abolish the 17th amendment, democracy could not be strengthened. Ch Muhammad Sarwar on this occasion said it was the high time to eliminate terrorism in Pakistan and added that UK would continue to support Pakistan to end terrorism. Sana deplores Govt over mishandling Ajmal Kasab issue Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has branded the government's steps about owning Ajmal Kasab and firing National Security Advisor to Prime Minister, Major General (r) Mehmud Ali Durrani as deplorable. He said the way adopted to acknowledge Kasab as Pakistani national and to sack Durrani had stroked the Pak-India tension escalated after Mumbai mayhem. He was talking to mediamen after the press conference held at Auqaf building here on Friday. The minister said that the government mishandled the issue not only this time but it had a history of flip-flop acts on various sensitive issues. He said, "We are having hawkish eyes on those elements designing to dislodge the Punjab government," and added, "We know that a government official is also teamed up in this regard." He vowed that all efforts to destabilise the Punjab government would be blunted. He said the situation could have been averted if the government had made consultation over the matter. To a query, Sanaullah said the Punjab cabinet would be expanded soon adding that a strategy was being firmed up in this regard. He said the PPP would be given due share in the government as per power sharing formula set between the PML-N and PPP. He dispelled an impression that the Punjab government was considering an option to change the chief secretary. When asked about the lifting of ban on pillion riding, he said the ban was undone from January 9 (Friday) as notification clarified that ban would remain imposed from 7 to 11th Muharram. HRCP applauds govt for accepting Kasab's nationality The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has regretted that one of the perpetrators of the Mumbai carnage is confirmed as a Pakistani, and at the same time has also commended the government of Pakistan for facing up to this unpleasant reality. Asma Jahangir, Chairperson HRCP, stated Friday that denying Kasab's nationality would only have eroded the credibility of the government and soured relationships between the two countries, possibly leading to war. At the same time, the HRCP has urged the government to extend counselor access to Ajmal Kasab and to arrange proper legal defense to him. "It is the right of every individual to have counselor access and to have proper legal assistance, regardless of the accusation against the detained person. HRCP will contact human rights organisations in India to ensure that Ajmal Kasab has legal defence as well as a fair and transparent trial," the Chairperson said.