US President-elect Barack Obama is to appear on the cover of a special edition of a Spider-Man comic. A six-page story, with the superhero saving the day when an imposter tries to take Mr Obama's place as president, will hit shelves next Wednesday. Marvel Comics editor Joe Quesada said the idea for edition came after Mr Obama admitted he was a Spider-Man fan. "How great is that? The commander-in-chief to be is actually a nerd-in-chief," Mr Quesada said. Mr Obama's fan status was revealed by his campaign team, who released 10 little-known facts about the Democrat. "Right at the top of that list was he collected Spider-Man comics," Mr Quesada said. "I was inundated with tons of fan mail saying, 'Have you read this?' "I was just floored, absolutely floored." Imposter The story is set on 20 January in Washington DC, where Spiderman's alter-ego, photographer Peter Parker, is covering Inauguration Day. When an imposter turns up, Spider-Man leaps into action, greeting Mr Obama with the words: "Hiya, prez-elect Loved ya in the debates." Mr Quesada did not reveal how many copies of the issue would be printed but said it was slightly higher than usual. He added: "A Spider-Man fan moving into the Oval Office is an event that must be commemorated in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man." - BBC