LAHORE - Profit taking eroded morning gains in leading scrips at Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) but 100-index surged by 68.94 points to close at 6143.81 on fourth consecutive day while the investors were irritated over waiting for the launch of government market supporting fund. The Karachi Stock Exchange's benchmark KSE-100 index while on gaining spree close at 6143.81 crossing the physiological barrier of 6,000 points. Though the market landed in the positive column but it seems that optimistic signs are taking the turn again to pessimistic sentiments. The optimistic signs are obvious when bourse opened with a positive note and its both session remained positive while at mid-session the index had gained over 169 points before dropping back to 69 points at the closing session. Volume was remained in downward trend of 145.449 million as compared to 165.193 million on last working day Tuesday, far below the average 250 million shares that was the daily routine when bourse was considered to be a best performer market in Asia in 2007. Shares have taken U-turn after the announcement of marketing supporting fund last Thursday close. At that time the bourse had already been lost 37 per cent of its value since December 15, when regulators removed a "floor" imposed in August to stop heavy losses on the KSE-100. Due to attractive prices of sharp declined share, most of traders in share business trying all out to buy valued stocks as traders believe that the fund is to be launched soon. Not only traders but also common people knew that after shedding over 58 percent of its size last year, market shares are working purchasing. Traders are of the view that after the positive steps taken by government authorities, market might remain positive in the coming weeks, however, some of them hope that correction could also be witnessed in the coming days. Brokers are of the view that this market supporting fund could be launched due to Muharram holidays but could be announced at any time in the current week. Here it would be not out of place to mention that foreign investors had already withdrawn over $440 million of a total of 1.8 billion dollars from the KSE in 2008. Today KSE market was opened with positive note in which 88 scrips recorded gain, 171 landed in the negative column and 3 scrips remained unchanged out of a total of 262 companies. On Friday at KSE, volumewise leader remained Oil and Gas Dev shares. On the other hand, Lahore Stock Exchange (LSE) also spurred by the launching of bailout fund and turned to positive column on fourth consecutive time after removal of 'floor' while LSE-index gaining 53.6 points and wrapped up at 1655.41 points. At KSE, Oil and Gas Dev being a wolumewise leader gained its value of Rs 2.29 closed at Rs 54.02 with volume of 11,342,200 shares followed by PTCLA which lost its value of Re 0.16 closed at Rs 16.45 with volume of 10,091,100 shares where as TRG Pakistan shares which also lost its value of Re 0.31 closed at Rs 2.68 with volume of 7,486,000 shares. Whereas, Hub Power also landed in a positive column and gained Re 0.54 closed at Rs 17.88 with volume of 7,428,000 shares. WorldCall Telecom, NIB Bank and D.G. Khan Cement also lost their values of Re 0.85, Re 0.43 and Rs 1.12 closed at Rs 4.26, Rs 5.92 and Rs 21.33 with volumes of 6,592,500, 6,436,000 and 4,069,400 shares. While Zeal Pak, Arif Habib Bank and PSO also lost their values of Re 0.14, Re 0.88 and Rs 5.08 closed at Re 0.66, Rs 6.85 and Rs 123.04 with volumes of 3,565,500, 3,473,000 and 3,069,900 shares traded respectively. While Adamje Insurance, MCB Bank Ltd and Lucky Cement also gained their values of Rs 2.21, Rs 4.41 and Rs 1.63 closed at Rs 85.18, Rs 118.33 and Rs 35.87 with volumes of 3,424,200, 3,387,600 and 1,458,200 shares respectively. Meanwhile, the KSE-30 index also landed into positive column and gained 125.47 points wrapped up at 5778.61 points while KMI-30 index also gained 105.17 points closed at 7444.18 points. While in Lahore Stock market, NIB Bank remained leader volumewise on Friday whereas 32 scrips recorded gains, 35 losses and 44 remained unchanged. The turnover of LSE-25 witnessed 16,387,100 shares were traded. NIB Bank lost its value of Re 0.39 closed at Rs 5.96 with volume of 2,033,500 shares followed by FFBL which gained its value of Re 1.00 closed at Rs 16.60 with volume of 1,124,000 shares while BOSI also lost its value of Re 0.37 closed at Rs 7.53 with volume of 1,107,500 shares traded.