LAHORE - PML-N central secretary finance and former MNA Muhammad Pervez Malik has said that people and leaders of Pakistan are fully alert and united and India cannot terrify Pakistan through threatening and provocative statements. Speaking at a meeting here Friday, he said, "Pakistan wants friendly relations with India on the basis of equality for lasting peace in the region." He said Pakistan's desire for peace should not be mistaken as its weakness warning that if India committed folly of imposing war on Pakistan, India would be the loser as it would face disintegration. Urging Indian rulers not to lend ears to unwise advisers, he said, only an insane can think of war between two nuclear powers as it would mean mutual annihilation. Pervez Malik said that PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has raised voice for protection of national interests in the light of ground realities. He said people of Pakistan are fully united under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif and their morale is loftier than Himalayas. He said if President Asif Zardari implement proposals made by the PML-N Quaid, Pakistan can become cradle of peace and tranquility. He said, at this critical juncture of national history, those trying to create hurdles in the way of independence of judiciary would be rejected by masses.