The whole world has woken up against Israeli aggression against the Palestinians. Top political parties of Pakistan are ignoring the brutal actions by Tel Aviv. True, religious parties are not terribly popular with the people but they came out and protested against the barbaric actions of the Jewish State. The much-maligned Jamaat-i-Islami took the lead as it organized several demonstrations followed by JUI of Fazlur Rehman, which took to the streets of Karachi and interior of Sindh. The PPP that always claims to work for the Palestinian cause was nowhere while PML of Nawaz Sharif tended to bypass the killing of more than 500 men women and children in Gaza. This is hard to figure out what was the reason behind. Jamaat-e-Islami organized a rally against the ongoing Israeli aggression and massacre of hundreds of innocent Palestinians in the Gaza strip. The participants of the rally expressed total solidarity with the beleaguered Palestinians and Hamas. In the rally people marched from Empress Market to Regal Chowk and raised slogans against Israel and carrying banners denouncing the US and Tel Aviv calling for Jihad against both. The speakers warned that the day is not far when Israel would be burnt in the fire ignited by the Zionist rulers. This is customary of the politicians that they become impulsive and show raw emotions and people believe them. It is not easy to conquer Israel therefore ground realities should never be ignored. The reality is the world is watching as silent spectators the killing of Palestinians and dong nothing concrete to stop the bloodshed. Karachi is a city of 16 million yet the anti-Israel rally had few hundreds people. This is sad commentary on the state of affairs in this metropolitan city. Why city nazim who is otherwise an active person failed to show any willingness to bring his people out and show solidarity with the poor people of Gaza. Mustafa Kamal keeps demanding credit for things he has done for the city and this demand is not out of place but why this city sleeps when children and mothers and fathers die in the streets of Gaza. The usually much maligned Londoners are better than Karachities who came out in large number to support the cause of the Palestinians. What stops Mustafa Kamal from showing he cares and he is the chief of an international city? After his failure to do any thing on the streets of Karachi common citizens rightly think he rarely deserves any top award. This callousness is pathetic. The MQM chief Altaf Hussain should take notice of it and direct his workers to show to the world that this city cares for the Muslim brothers and sisters who are in real trouble. True, some people think that top political parties do not like to annoy the sole super power and Israel, other wise it is not possible for the PPP and PML-N, the mainstream parties to neglect the real situation. It is unpardonable and unjustified. It shows both parties merely indulge in lip service for the Palestinians. This is wholly unfair. It was however nice to see clergymen of religious parties coming out and raising full-throated slogans and burning effigy of Jewish leaders. Top clerics Maulana Abdul Karim Abid, Mohammad Hussian Mehnti, Qari Sher Afzal and Tariq Mehbub gathered at the Karachi Press Club and expressed solidarity with the Palestinians, who need massive support right now. But why PML-N opted to ignore and refused to bring its workers on the street. I remember Sardar Rahim was the first to burn the book written by Pervez Musharraf in Karachi. He took a risk since Musharraf was at the helm of affairs and he was president and the army chief. Sardar is a brave politician, he never minds taking risks and he is not among those who runaway when the chips are down. He is real Nawaz 'matwala' who thinks sacrifices by Sharifs are not lesser than any other family. To his credit he joined PML-N when Nawaz Sharif was struggling against the PPP and there was no possibility of his staging comeback. Sardar was impressed by humility of Nawaz; he opted to join him and never showed any wavering since then. He is different from others. Hence I was surprised that how could he forget to bring his people on the streets against Israel. Similarly Faisal Raza Abdi, Rashid Rabbani and Waqar Mehdi of the PPP failed miserably to organize any showdown against Israel. PML-N did announce a day of protest to express solidarity with the Palestinians but it was too late. It is generally believed that the right wing parties usually take time in declaring their policies over matters of significance. PML-N command respect among the people hence it has no right to disappoint them, similarly the PPP failed to chalk out any protest programme. This matters that the Israel and US get a clear message from Pakistan that people are one over this issue. The PPP opted to sleep over it while the PML-N indeed declared day of protest. We are at the threshold of history and there is dire need to join the caring communities of the world in condemning Jewish State. Sadly there is no dearth of some politicians who love to see Israel recognized by us. Pervez Musharraf was about to establish diplomatic links with the Jewish State. It was public reaction that stopped him. But I was shocked when Iqbal Zafar Jhagra of the PML-N suggested talking to Israelis over terrorism in Pakistan. In the past Syeda Abida Hussain advocated for recognition of Tel Aviv when she was ambassador in Washington during Nawaz era. Syeda Abida still thinks that it could help this country. This is the thinking of a top national politician who changes parties quickly but on Israel she is firm. This is politics.