LAHORE - The Lahore High Court on Friday passed decree of Rs130 million against a businessman on a plea of ABN Amro Bank and also demanded details of pledged property of the businessmen for recovery of the amount. Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi issued this order against Abdul Qadeer Jankwa, owner of three export companies, while deciding the plea as ex-parte. The judge summoned record of his pledged property for February 11 from the bank so that the order could be implemented. The bank submitted that the respondent started business with the bank in 2003 and had been enjoying various financial schemes. It said in last year Rs 135.6 million was duo upon him and he stopped responding to the bank. Despite repeated notices he did not respond and they filed the suit before the LHC. The court after issuing various notices to the businessman started ex-parte proceedings against him when he did not reach the court.