LAHORE - Fear and panic gripped the people as five blasts including four consecutive explosions inside the premises of Alfalah Theatre on The Mall while one outside the Tamaseel Theatre near Mozang Chungi, rocked the City here on Friday night. Luckily, no casualty or injury was reported in all the explosions as both the Alfalah and Tamaseel Theatres were closed at the time of the incident. The police, however, arrested two suspects from the premises of the Alfalah Theatre and shifted them to an undisclosed place for interrogation. Alfalah Theatre, which in routine days usually remained crowded with viewers and other visitors, was presenting a deserted look when four blasts occurred within around 20 minutes. Only few employees were present there to look after the theatre affairs and disappeared from the site soon after the first blast. Alfalah Theatre where four consecutive blasts occurred was situated at a short distance from the Punjab Assembly Hall and CM Secretariat. It is also located near big shopping centers including the Panorama Center and The Hall Road. The second blast incident occurred outside the Tamaseel Theatre, on the Ferozepur Road, which damaged Sui gas supply line. The rescuers suspended the rescue work and rushed to Tamaseel Theatre when another call of blast was reported. The police and Rescue 1122 officials confirmed that no casualty or injury was reported in both the incidents. The blasts, which occurred within interval of five to seven minutes created panic and fear among the locals including the traders, businessmen of The Mall Road and other people of the area. It was very hard for the officers of law enforcement agencies to believe that how the mastermind behind this terrorist activity succeeded in planting bombs on the four different sites inside the Alfalah Theatre in the presence of security guards, employees and caretaker of the theatre. 'It was unbelievable that nobody from the theatre administration was aware about the suspects presence in the theatre while they were planting explosives', the SHO Civil Lines Taimur Malik told The Nation. This time the rescue workers and police officials were also seen terrified and helpless after the first blast because when they rushed to the spot to launch rescue operation, another three blasts ripped through at the same area. The situation became precarious because rescue workers did not know how to rescue themselves. All the nearby buildings, markets, shops and offices were vacated immediately to avoid any untoward incident. Rustam Ali, an eyewitness and burger seller said that first and third blasts were much powerful while second and fourth were low intensity explosions occurred within 20 minutes in the premises of the Alfalah Theatre. He said that the first powerful blast took place at 8:00pm in a small room where tube well was installed for the disposal of waste-water. Resultantly, outer wall of the room was damaged completely. The explosion was so powerful that its voice was heard at three to four kilometers distance, he said. The officials of Rescue 1122, Edhi, bomb disposable squad, and a large number of police officials rushed to the spot to launch rescue operation. They however, faced immense difficulties in starting rescue operation as blasts occurred within the interval of five to seven minutes. A Rescue 1122 official Amjad said that on the emergency call of first blast, as soon as they entered the Theatre's premises in search of injured people, another second blast of low intensity took place. 'The rescuers, police officials, and bomb disposable squad left the site immediately and rushed to save their lives in fear. The power supply control room was the main site of the second explosion which damaged windowpanes of the theatre, he said. He said after waiting for some minutes, they again entered the premises of the theatre expecting much causalties or injuries following the two blasts. They were about to start rescue work, when third powerful blast occurred within the main building of the Alfalah Theatre. The said bomb was planted near the booking counter of the theatre. The rescuers, policemen and media men again ran towards safe places and left the building in fear. As soon they entered after seven minutes to start rescue operation when fourth explosion was heard from almost the same site where third had occurred. This time police were not sure exact location of the blast. After the last one, nobody including the senior police officers, media men, officials of rescue agencies and bomb disposable squad dared to enter the venue due to fear of more blasts. This time they all kept them at a considerable distance from the Alfalah Theatre for at least 40 minutes. Keeping in view gravity of the situation, a heavy contingent of the police blocked all the roads leading to the Alfalah Theatre. The rescue operation was, however, launched on the arrival of DCO Lahore and some police officers. Policemen and the officers of other law-enforcement agencies thoroughly searched all the building of the theatre but found nobody or injured person. 'Involvement of religious elements behind this terrorism act cannot be ruled out as they had also left messages against obscenity in the Garhi Shahu and Gaddafi Stadium incidents by carrying out series of blasts in the recent past', CCPO Lahore Pervez Rathore said. Time devices were used in the all five blasts, he said ,adding, that the two arrested suspects were being interrogated by the police but police were not sure about their involvement in the Alfalah Theatre blasts. The CCPO said that time devices were planted in the Alfalah Theatre. About Tamaseel Theatre, he said apparently it seemed that unidentified man threw a heavy cracker outside the theatre and managed to escape from the site. The cultural activities going on in the theatres was the target of the anti-social elements, he said ,adding, that police ,however, were ready to combat the terrorism wave. The SP CIA Umer Virk said that low intensity explosive was planted in the four different sites of the Alfalah Theatre. The explosives were not carrying ballbearings which were usually used in such activities, he said ,adding, that the purpose of the anti-social elements behind this terrorism activity was nothing but to create panic in the City. He said that police found no crater or presence of highly sophisticated explosives material from the site.