PESHAWAR Some shopping complexes have become a risk for security forces battling terrorists in NWFP, FATA and other parts of Pakistan, an official told TheNation on Saturday. These plazas rise above our strategic facilities and anyone can use their rooftops for surveillance or to launch an attack, he said. A 13-storey Orakzai Green Tower is located just 400 yards from historical Balahisar Fort, the headquarters of the Frontier Corps. An influential former senator hailing from the tribal areas owns the commercial plaza. Similarly, Deans Trade Centre, located in Peshawar Cantt is at an arms length from headquarters of the Frontier Constabulary (FC). Wealthy tribal personalities with right political connections have a major stake in this complex. The trade centre can be used to observe activities in FC headquarters whose job is to man the border between the tribal and settled areas. Some other commercial as well as residential buildings also pose a big security threat but nobody knows who permitted these structures to be built at such sensitive locations. When contacted, Zafrullah Khan, Director General of FIA said that he realized the threat and posted constables on the roof of Deans Trade Centre to safeguard headquarters of the FC. Nevertheless, the FC staff has been removed from this place due to reasons best known to top officials. The top officials of Frontier Corps have asked the owners of Orakzai Green Tower to demolish some stories but the proprietors could not be forced to do so due to their influence, sources said. The staff of Orakzai Green Tower was reluctant to reply queries by TheNation. All they said was that the owners were in Dubai and they would answer queries. However, the spokesperson of Frontier Corps Maj Fazal when asked to comment said, You might be right but I cannot comment without prior permission.