KARACHI - The targeted operation, began on September 5, 2013, claimed the lives of 200 security personnel while security agencies claimed to have arrested 1,200 terrorists, criminals and other anti-social elements.

Despite the operation, the terrorists are roaming freely in the City without any fear of apprehension.

During the operation, as many 9 major blasts took place in the City in which some 14 people including the law enforcers were killed. The areas, including District West, Gadap Town and Bin Qasim were considered the stronghold areas of the TTP Karachi where majority of the cops were targeted.

It is worth mentioning here that law enforcement agencies did not include the Taliban-dominated areas and terrorists in the operation.  SP Chaudhry Aslam Khan had recently told The Nation that CID continues to fight against terrorism and in whole operation CID killed dozens of terrorists and arrested a number of others. He sped up the operation against the terrorists as his close aide Inspector Bahaudin Babar was killed last week in Saeedabad area. He ruled out slowing down the operation till the arrest of culprits involved in the murder of Babar.

The CID team headed by SP Khan raided Kunwari Colony, Manghopir on late Wednesday night where he killed three terrorists affiliated with the TTP. It was Khan’s last operation against the terrorists conducted 18 hours before he was assassinated in a bomb blast at Lyari Expressway. 

Police officer wished to be anonymous revealed that TTP Mehmand Group of Karachi had planned to wipe out Khan when he killed four of the TTP operatives, including Dr Arif aka Maqbool, Abdul Rehman aka Lambo, Muhammad Sami and Muhammad Ghani at Lucky Pahari, Hub River Road on October 2, 2013.

Khalid Khurasani termed the incident extrajudicial killing. He in his statement emailed to The Nation vowed to take revenge of the killing of their operatives. SP Khan had also killed 10 other terrorists affiliated with the TTP and Lashker-e-Jhangwi during targeted operation. TTP Mehmand Agency claimed the responsibility of Khan’s killing. It warned other officers, engaged in counter terrorism, for similar fate.  It is worth mentioning here that Khan was fighting alone against the terrorism as there was no cop in Karachi Police’s history who can kill the terrorists like he did.