ISLAMABAD - Benazir Income Support Program has released second quarterly payment of Rs 15 billion for its beneficiaries and following International Monetary Fund conditions, it has increased the number of beneficiaries up to 5.1 million and per month payment has also been increased to Rs 1,200 from Rs 1,000 per person.

As per sources, the amount has been released to banks and other organisations that are given task of distributing amount among the beneficiaries. The said amount will be distributed among 5.1 million poor people of Pakistan.

Earlier the beneficiaries were below 5 million but IMF while approving loan for Pakistan had put a condition that it would carry on BISP and will increase the number of beneficiaries up to 5.1 million people till December 31, 2013.

The BISP has met the target for the government. It has also fulfilled the second condition of IMF that was to increase the help amount up to Rs 1,200 from Rs 1,000. The aforementioned trench released is against the second quarter of financial year starting from October to December.

In addition to that IMF has put some other conditions. That includes increasing the number of beneficiaries to 5.6 billion people across the country till June 20, 2014. The sources said that most probably BISP would be able to fulfil this condition as well.

Another condition regarding BISP imposed by IMF against the approval of loan for Pakistan is that it will distribute at least Rs 75 billion under Benazir Income Support Programme till June 30, 2014. The sources said that apparently IMF has imposed such condition to rectify its image that it put conditions generally those are not in favour of poor of the country such as forcing the government to withdraw subsidies from different sectors that mainly includes power sector. So in this way IMF has advised the government to help poor in terms of financial help instead of providing subsidies.