Due to untiring efforts of the district police officials, the crime rate has decreased during 2013 as the district police succeeded in busting 14 notorious criminal gangs involved in criminal cases of heinous nature and 50 criminal including the ringleaders were arrested during the year.

The police also recovered stolen property worth Rs8.2 million, dozens of stolen cellphones and motorcycles from them.

Talking to the media, DPO Zeshan Asghar disclosed that during 2013 at least ,3,393 proclaimed offenders involved in incidents of robbery, dacoity, murders and other heinous nature cases were arrested besides 286 court absconder and 44 army deserter were also arrested during corresponding period.

Similarly, under the Illegal Arm Act, at least 1,040 cases were registered and 76 rifles, 198 guns, 72 revolvers, 697 pistols. 23 carbins, 16 kalashnikovs, one hand grenades and 4,115 cartridges were also recovered from them.

The DPO said that 855 cases were registered under Narcotics Act and 57 kg of heroin, 58 kg of charas, 6 kg of opium, 7,586 bottles liquor and 25 working distilleries were unearthed during the correspondence period.