LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Syed Munawwar Hassan condemned the government’s decision of privatising important state institutions, and said this was tantamount to ruining the country’s economy to oblige certain favourites.

In a statement before his departure for Karachi, on Thursday, he said that instead of building new institutions and creating job opportunities for the workers, the rulers were bent upon destroying the existing institutions under the IMF pressure by transferring them to their cronies and depriving the workers of their livelihood.

The JI chief said that the PML-N previous government had privatised as many as 113 state institutions in 1991 in the name of rehabilitation of sick units although these were earning profits. Due to privatisation, about 7,500,000 workers had lost heir jobs and the government took no pains to create alternative jobs for them.

He called upon the rulers to account for the billions earned through the previous privatisation. He apprehended that the privatisation of additional 68 institutions would render hundred of thousands of workers jobless. However, he said, that the nation won’t permit the rulers to dole out these institutions to their friends and relations. He said the state institutions could be made profitable by eradicating corruption, but the rulers were not giving any attention to that.

The JI leader said that the IMF had its own agenda which was to destroy important state institutions of this country, making it entirely dependent on foreign loans to increase poverty and unemployment, and ultimately to create unrest and despondency. He said the PIA was being handed over to private hands under the cover of sale of 26 per cent shares.

The JI chief said that unfortunately, instead of adopting some honourable way of life, the rulers had become used to begging and wanted the whole nation to turn into beggars.

Three names proposed for JI Ameer:

The JI central shura proposed the names of Syed Munawwar Hassan, Liaqat Baloch and Sirajul Haq for the slot of the party Ameer for next five year term. This was announced by head of the JI election committee, Abdul Hafeez Ahmed.

According to the JI constitution, the central shura was required to nominate three names for the office of the party chief. The nominations were made by the shura members through secret ballot during the recent meeting. The opinion of the members who did not attend the shura meeting was secured through postal ballot.  However, these nominations are only for the guidance of the members of the JI, they are not bound to vote for any of the three proposed names and can vote for any other member of the party as well.

Condemnation: Syed Munawwar Hassan and Secretary General Liaqat Baloch expressed grief over the martyrdom of SSP CID, Karachi, Chaudhry Aslam and other police personnel, in a terrorist attack in Karachi.

In a condolence message, they condemned the terrorist activity in strong terms and stressed upon Karachi police and other security institutions to track down the killers at the earliest. They also expressed deep sympathies with the members of the bereaved families.