LAKKI MARWAT - Ghulam Mursalin Marwat - The local chapter of physical teachers association has threatened to launch agitation campaign against the provincial authorities of elementary and secondary education department for ignoring physical education teachers in promotion to the posts of secondary school teachers.

The warning to this effect came at a meeting held here on Thursday. The association's President Haji Naimatullah Khan Meenakhel chaired the meeting. Among others Haji Riaz, Dil Jan, Haji Ameer Jan, Haji Afzal Khan, Motabar Khan, Shafiullah Shah, Gul Ajab, Anwar Saeed, Habibullah and Haji Ishaq were in the attendance.

The participants resented the decision of provincial high-ups concerned and said that the decision if implemented would close the doors of promotion to the posts of secondary school teachers on physical education teachers. They said that the government allocated quota for the teachers of other categories in the promotion policy but totally ignored the physical education teachers.

"The PE teachers are the backbones of school system as they maintain discipline and play a vital role in improving learning environment," said a participant. He said that ignoring PETs in the promotion policy was beyond comprehension because higher functionaries of education department were aware of the importance of physical teachers in government run schools.

The association leaders alleged that bureaucracy wanted to deprive the physical education teachers of availing promotion opportunities to the posts of secondary school teachers. They asked the bigwigs of provincial government to revisit the promotion policy and set aside a special quota for PETs so that they could be promoted to the posts of SSTs like the teachers of other categories.

They made it clear that PETs would have no option other than to launch a protest campaign if their genuine demand was not accepted.