Do we have any organization in Pakistan for carrying out research on petroleum conservation in order to develop fuel-efficiency? I have asked this question mainly for two reasons. With the every growing oil import bill there is need to stress adopting some fuel saving measures to minimize reliance on oil imports from other countries for meeting domestic consumption. India had set up a research organization called Petroleum Conservation Research Association way back in 1976 in response to oil crisis in the early seventies. Recommendations for achieving conservation of petroleum products were made to help India deal with fuel and energy issues.

I think Pakistan with a heavy oil import bill can learn a lot from the Indian experience and should set up a Petroleum Conservation Research Organization with the same aims and objectives. There should also be campaigning held to inform the general user on how to conserve energy. Hopefully, there would be quick, prompt and positive response from the Federal Government to this suggestion which is being made in the greater national interests more than anything else.


Lahore, January 8.