Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has topped the list of richest lawmakers in the country as the Election Commission of Pakistan on Thursday made public assets of Parliamentarians. But really, the list and numbers are laughable. Most politicians appear to have taken advantage loopholes in the law that do not specify the manner in which declarations are supposed to be made.

Apart from the Sharifs, we have a parliament of paupers. The PTI Chairman Imran Khan declined to state the market value of most of his agricultural land and has declared very low purchase costs. He has also finally paid his outstanding electricity bills, ending his civil disobedience tantrum.  Meanwhile, his opponents in the PMLN seem to have been somewhat more honest, if that word can be used at all for them. Nawaz Sharif declared his and his wife’s combined net worth to be around Rs 2 billion. The Prime Minister’s declarations of assets included details of real estate in Pakistan, but not the value of the shares in the companies he and his wife own that constitutes the bulk of their net worth. He also did not declare any assets abroad, though his wife mentioned receiving two remittances close to $2.5 million from her son Hussain Nawaz.

Shahbaz Sharif declared the current market value of his real estate holdings both in Pakistan as well as London. He and his two wives collectively have a net worth of Rs. 417 million. Shahbaz and his spouses are also the richest amongst the chief ministers though the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Parvaiz Khattak is close competition. Khattak has a net worth of Rs 262 million, and nearly 70% of Khattak’s assets are in Punjab real estate, including a Rs 146 million mall under construction in Rawalpindi. This should not bode well with his constituency; being from the party which is constantly after the Sharifs and Zardaris to bring their foreign assets home. After all, charity begins at home. Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah is seemingly the poorest amongst the provincial heads of government, with a declared net worth of Rs 19.4 million. He has declared the house he owns on Khayaban-e-Mujahid in DHA Phase 5 Karachi to be only worth only Rs 3.2 million. Maybe he was trying to be funny. He also claims to not own a vehicle. None of this would matter as much if these leaders were doing their jobs well enough, but from disruptive dharnas, to energy crises, to famines in Thar and polio outbreaks, they seem only to care for their own personal gain. They can have the limelight on this one as they sit on their piles of money.