Terrorism nurtures and survives in a country where the environment is friendly for criminals, where corruption thrives, illegal weapons are available, judiciary is not independent, law enforcement agencies are scared of criminals, establishment and politicians have ties with mafias and individuals prevail over laws. Saulat Mirza, responsible for killing of 58 Pakistanis, including the late Malik Shahid Hamid, former MD, KESC, his guard and driver on July 5, 1997 in DHA Karachi and Major Shahnawaz Toor (R), country head of US Drug Enforcement Agency in 1995, has once again escaped execution, because of political pressure and compromises in getting crucial votes for 21 Amendment. If this is how executions are to become victim of selective justice, than terrorism, with all its miseries is here to stay, in one form or another.

Late Shahid Hamid’s widow was forced to flee Pakistan, because powerful members of organized mafia, with strong political backing, had threatened to kill her, because in their opinion she committed the cardinal sin of recognizing Saulat Mirza as a killer. Saulat survives and continues to plan and order killings of more Pakistanis from his cell, while his victim’s next of kin have to flee the country. If this is the way terrorists are to be handled than only Allah can have mercy on Pakistan.


Lahore, January 7.